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Smart home device recommendation

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Want to know the best smart home devices today? With so much new smart technology hitting the market, it can be hard to know which smart home gadgets are worth the money. Which ones really hit the price tag and offer real value for money? If you’re asking yourself “which smart home devices should I buy?” we’ve got options that can give you everything from convenience and security to energy savings.
The best smart home devices
A good value smart home device doesn’t have to be a big-ticket item. Many are very affordable. The best smart home devices are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and improve your lifestyle and return on investment.

Easiest: Smart Plugs
One of the cheapest and easiest smart home devices is a smart plug. A very basic unit sells for about $25, with more advanced options retailing for less than $60. Anything you plug into them becomes a connected smart device. Plug it in, set it up, and control it from your phone.
Use it to turn lights or the TV on and off when you’re not home; it’s a way to make the place look inhabited and deter thieves. Fire up your coffee pot while you’re still in bed. If you leave the house and remember you didn’t turn on the mini heater, use your phone to turn it off.

Most Affordable: Smart Lighting
If smart home devices pay for themselves in terms of savings and security, they’re worth it. And at a very reasonable price, smart light bulbs are an excellent choice for your first purchase.
Smart lighting can save energy while providing convenience and increasing home safety. For around $20, you can get a smart bulb that lasts 20 years and costs pennies a month in electricity. You can dim them and turn them on and off through an app on your phone. Some smart light bulbs can even act as repeaters to extend your network coverage.

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Best hands-free device: Smart speakers
Voice-activated smart speakers are among the best smart home devices when it comes to versatility. You can use it to control your smart home just by speaking the commands. Connect with an Amazon Echo or Google Home compatible device to do things like set an alarm, turn up the thermostat, close the blinds or turn on the porch light. A smart speaker is also an entertainment device, streams music or audiobooks, and you can even use it to ask questions, check the weather, or access internet information.

Best Home Protection: Security Cameras
Smart security cameras are definitely smart home devices worth using for peace of mind. Smart security cameras can protect critical areas of your home. They will let you know if someone has attempted a break-in and provide identification in the case of an attempted crime. They are easy to install and customize without wires or complicated integrations. You can control them from a phone app, and professional monitoring can be set up easily, sometimes without a long-term contract.

Best Energy Saver: Smart Thermostats
Some of the best smart home devices are the ones that will save you money. A smart thermostat can reduce your energy bills by better managing your heating and air conditioning usage.
Most people set their thermostat to a comfortable temperature and keep it there. Smart thermostats adjust to diurnal fluctuations, reducing overuse when you’re not home, and adjust to sunlight or heat from appliances. By optimizing comfort and energy use, many smart thermostat options can lower your energy costs enough to pay for themselves within a few years.

Best for Families with Kids: Smart Vacuums
Robot vacuums are one of the best smart home devices if you have kids or have an active lifestyle. Smart vacuums have come a long way over the years, now offering features like programmed operation, geofencing to learn about your room, auto-charging, and auto-emptying. Because they run on batteries and can be programmed to charge during low-demand/low-cost times of the day, they save you power just as much as they save energy.
They’re not the best choice for some home layouts, or if you have kids. But these smart home devices are worth the money for many families.
Best for Pets: Automatic Smart Feeder
Smart feeders keep your pet happy and fed on time, even when you’re not home. Connect your automatic smart feeder to your phone and set feeding schedules. You can even dispense an impromptu snack with a few swipes of the screen. Plus, some models have built-in cameras, so you can monitor whether your furry friend is eating well or pet-watching from your phone.

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Get what every smart home needs
So, are smart home devices worth it? Yes, many are. The best smart home devices can provide life-changing benefits in terms of convenience and security, and some may even pay for themselves through the energy savings. From smart light bulbs and security sensors to smart plugs and whole-house hubs, the modern homeowner has a whole new set of fantastic tools to choose from. And they’ll only get easier to use as time goes on.

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